Best Nigeria film– COLORS OF YESTERDAY

Directed by Oladipupo O’ Fresh

Country: Nigeria


Best African film– CHOCHA

Directed by Sammy Mwaura Ngetich

Country: Kenya


Best International film– YET ANOTHER CHAPTER

Directed by Kushal Mittal

Country: India


Best Documentary (African)-BORN AND RAISED IN THE GHETTO

Directed by Johan Mottelson

Country: Kenya


Best Documentary (International)-THE DAY I WON

Directed by Leonor Suarez

Country: Spain


Best Documentary (Nigeria)-HIDDEN EUPHORIA

Directed by Aderogba Adediji

Country: Nigeria


Best Short film-LOST

Directed by Uyoyou Adia

Country: Nigeria


Best Director– KUSHAL MITTAL

Film:  Yet Another Chapter

Country: India



Film:Milk- Fit



Best Cinematography-Gage Oxley

Film: Pulse

Country: United Kingdom


Best Screenplay by KAT ALBERT

Film: Cloudy daze

Country: USA


Best Editing- BAD MEXICAN

Directed: Ian Mark Kimanje

Country: Uganda


Best Production design CHRISTINE HENRICH

Film: One Binge

Country: USA


Best Sound Design-SHEFALI BHUTAN

Film: Tambur

Country: India


Best Original Soundtrack by WILKEN CALITZ

Film: The wild goose let a feather fall

Country: South Africa


Best Picture –MIZANI

Directed by Mohammed Suleiman

Country: Tanzania


Best Animation

Film: Big man Business

Directed by Clarisse Chua

Country: Singapore


Best First Time Director-UYOYOU ADIA

Film: Lost

Country: Nigeria


Best First Time Producer– ANN SARAFINA

Film: Bitter Sweet day

Country: Nigeria


Best Under 5min Documentary (International)

Film: Paved with Blood

Directed by Andrew Michael Grossberg

Country: USA


Best Under 5min Documentary (African)

Film: African Women; A beautiful art form…

Directed by Ian Job- Kenya


Best comedy– THREAT COUNT

Directed by Tao of Bobo

Country: USA


Next Rated Young Filmmaker – SALEH KASHEFI

Film: A Pair Of Horns On Female Homo sapiens



Best Under 5min Documentary- (Nigeria)


Directed by Oladipupo Oluwadairo

Country: Nigeria


Best Innovative Storytelling– CODE RED

Directed by Mukesh Kumar

Country: UAE



Best Music Video– BLOOD BY MOON

Directed by Carles Asensio

Country: Mexico


Best Horror Film BURIAL TRIP

Directed by Prince Titus Aqusuo

Country: Nigeria


Best Female  Leading role– ANUSKHA

Film: Yet Another Chapter

Directed by Kushal Mittal

Country: India


Best Male Leading role– ORUARO ADIA

Directed by Uyoyou Adia

Film: Lost

Country: Nigeria


Grand Jury Price– NATURE BOY

Directed by Nick Koscik

Country: Canada


Audience Choice Award- Feculent

Directedby Sam Bob




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