RTF presents a creative blend of The Arts, Film, and Industry Sessions, RTF was founded by and for independent filmmakers who seek to express themselves through the showcase of the mastery of their craft – from story-telling to technical expertise; all captured within a Creative package.

Storytellers and Creative Arts practitioners from all countries around the globe are welcome to participate.
As the world shrinks, and the ability of Filmmakers to connect with diverse global cultures becomes easier, we are bringing the world together through the arts.
Our innovations make it possible for Filmmakers to participate from around the world, without being physically present.

The 3rd Edition of the Nollywood travel film festival will hold in September 2018 in the beautiful entertainment city of Toronto. The Key Objective of our film festival is open Nollywood to the world and create platforms for Nigerian filmmakers to network with their counterparts from other film industries.The Nollywood travel film festival will also create opportunities for Policy makers, stakeholders to drive the huge potentials of the industry for global collaborations and pave way for creative tourism. In 2018 the festival will travel to Toronto, Canada in September, then move to New York, USA, and in December the festival hits the city of Hamburg in Germany, we go back to Toronto, Canada in september and end the year with our december edition in Dubai, U.E.A.
We promise to make it a big year for Nollywood.

We are the World Film Fair, which annually takes place in October in New York.It is a great place for filmmakers to network and show their work to thousands of industry professionals such as investors, distributors, theatres and production companies. Alongside exhibitors there will also be film screenings and a variety of conferences and workshops.

AFRIFF is a world class showcase that presents a complete immersion into the world of film making with participation from local and international filmmakers and professionals, celebrities, actors, directors, film critics, buyers, distributors, visual artists, film students, amateurs, equipment manufacturers, and international press.

Maintaining its inaugural theme “Africa Unites”, the vision is to raise awareness in Africa about the vast potential the entertainment industry holds and the impact it can generate in the economy. To establish bridges for partnership with international counterparts to ensure quality, expertise and global standards access the local industry, accelerating its sustainable development. AFRIFF also aims to re-establish Africa’s significance as the original birth home of civilization and indeed the last frontier for unique film stories and content development.

The annual Eko International Film Festival (EKOIFF) is an international film festival in the coastal megacity of Lagos in southwestern Nigeria.
It was founded and established by Hope Obioma Opara in 2009 and Hope Obioma Opara is the also the CEO of Supple Communications Limited under which the festival is Holden. He is also the publisher of Supple magazine a film festivals and culture magazine in Africa showing previews and reviews of movies and interviews on www.supplemagazine.org.The mission of Eko International Film Festival is to promote the appreciation of Arts and Culture through the motion picture arts and sciences and increase tourism in Nigeria.

The festival offers a contemporary and liberal platform for the filmmakers of the World to exhibit the excellence of the film art form. The aim is mainly to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of cultures of different nations. We hope to present complex human situations of this rapidly changing world in the globalized era. The Festival Committee reserves the right to exclude films which are not in conformity with aims of the Festival, or which could offend the national feelings and susceptibilities of any participating country, or are likely to promote racial discrimination. Films not presenting sufficient technical qualities for good public screening can be refused after checking of the prints by the Print Checking Unit of the Film Festival Office. Date and Place: SEPT ANNUALLY IN ABUJA

The festival is targeted at emerging film makers, student film makers and tele-movies of up to 40 minutes length.

The Lights, Camera, AFRICA!!! Film Festival was created in 2011 to stimulate discourse on issues and experiences that are rooted in the African experience.In this way, African stories will also be consumed by those who live them. The film festival grew out of the film programme of The Life House Lagos, a virtual cultural centre.Through an annual festival held in Lagos, Nigeria, Lights, Camera, AFRICA!!! shares a diverse range of African and independent cinema including documentary, feature and animation, supporting the work of emerging African film makers.In addition to screenings the Lights, Camera, AFRICA!!! Film Festival hosts a variety of workshops, seminars and talks that offer learning opportunities for film makers and consumers.

Zuma Film Festival 2017 is designed to avail Nigerian film practitioners the opportunity to network with their counterparts from other parts of the world; stimulate co-production opportunities; recognize and reward cinematic excellence; promote and ensure sustained productivity and availability of qualitative audiovisual services, entrench professionalism and profitability in cultural products and the huge export potentials of Nigerian films to gain wider acceptance nationally and globally, and herald Nigeria’s tourism potentials as a film destination hub.  

The Conceptual framework of iREPRESENT Documentary Film Forum is AFRICA IN SELF-CONVERSATION; and it is to promote awareness about the power of documentary format to serve as a means of deepening and sharing social and cultural education as well as encouraging participatory democracy in our societies. iREP is conceptualised to create platform of awareness and expression for aspiring and practicing filmmakers who are creating socially relevant documentary films to positively impact our world. To fully engage an array of trans-cultural creativity, iREP will provide a forum for everyone’s ingenuity to be showcased without prejudice to style or subject. iREP celebrates the ever expanding world of documentary films by inviting talents from across the globe to share ideas on trends and technological advancements in the format.

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